Matthew Wellings

Electronics & Software Engineer

Specialising in:
IT electronic product design
C/C++ & Go for desktop, server and embedded systems
OpenGL (Modern Desktop + ES) & Vulkan
Android (Java and NDK C++)


I can be contacted:
by email
on Twitter
on Mastodon
on Facebook
on +44(0)1827 466288

Public Projects


Ripple Tank (WebGL, GPGPU, Physics)
Word Search Creator (Qt, C++)
Other OSS code on my Github page.


Depth Peeling Pseudo-Volumetric Rendering 25-Sept-2016
Depth Peeling Order Independent Transparency in Vulkan 27-Jul-2016
The new Vulkan Coordinate System 20-Mar-2016
Improving VR Video Quality with Alternative Projections 10-Feb-2016
Playing VR Videos in Cardboard Apps 6-Feb-2016
Creating VR Video Trailers for Cardboard games 2-Feb-2016
Playing Stereo 3D Video in Cardboard Apps 19-Jan-2015
Adding Ray Traced Explosions to the Bullet Physics Engine 8-Oct-2015